Thai - Isan - Lao  Phrasebook

With sound track available on CD-ROM

หนังสือวลีภาษา ไทย อีสาน ลาว

by Asger Mollerup

    The Thai-Isan-Lao Phrasebook is the first and only of its kind describing three Tai-Kadai languages comparatively in one book, using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

Part I
:    Phrases
Part II:   Word lists
Part III: Grammar by samples
Part IV:
Manuals in reading, writing, and tonal determination.
Appendixes: Alphabets compared, linguistic history etc.

Sound-tracks in 3 languages on CD-ROM read by local residents from Bangkok (
Thai), Maha Sarakham (Isan), and Vientiane (Laos P.D.R) covering all texts in the book.
Format: MP3. Duration: 6 hours.

A-4   332 pages   ISBN 974-7534-88-6
First edition: October 2001
. Second edition: May 2005.

Fonts: English, Thai, Lao, and IPA.

Price (Feb. 2008): 995 Baht / 30 US$ (check with the bookstores below).

Available among other places at:

White Lotus Publishing House

Chulalongkorn University Book Center  Thammasat University Bookstore

Kinokuniya, Asia Books, Book Zone, Bookazine

In Pattaya: DK Pattaya, Central Pattaya Road (near the beach)

In Isan: Sueksaphan, Thanon Klang Muang, Khon Kaen.

In Chiang Mai: Suriwong Book Center (54/1-5 Sridonchai Road)

Content of this web-presentation:
Page 1 Index page.
Page 2 Introduction: Front page, introduction, content.
Page 3 Texts: Shopping, Learning by Oneself, etc.
Page 4 Wordlists: Menu-card, people, etc.
Page 5 Grammar: Present-Past-Future, adjectives, classifiers, etc.
Page 6 Writing Manuals: Thai consonants, Lao vowels, Isan clusters, etc.
Page 7 Appendixes: Comparing Lao and Thai consonants and vowels, etc.
Page 8 About the author
Page 9
Link page: Literature and web-sites




2007 Asger Mollerup (Thong)


In progress: Phutai Language / ภาษาภูไทย

by Asger Mollerup and Thanyalux Chaiyasook Mollerup